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ATN launches new support partnership with World Female Ranger Day

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

by Pru Goudie

When we launched Adventure Travel Networking (ATN) in 2019 we knew we had created a platform that offered a powerful vehicle for the adventure travel community to have their voices heard and we wanted to use that for the greater good of tourism.

As such, in 2019 we partnered with the Derek Moore Foundation, giving the Foundation an increased travel industry awareness and the opportunity to engage with the adventure travel community directly at the ATN Conference & Marketplace in February 2021.

Through our charity partnership and Giving Back efforts we have helped raise funds for the DM Foundation and provided a platform for the Foundation to encourage travel organisations globally to submit smaller grass-roots community-based projects where a grant from the The Derek Moore Foundation will make a significant difference.

"Thank you for being so kind as to offer the Derek Moore Foundation a generous donation in a year when not many people are prepared to donate to charities. As a result of the exposure ATN21 gave us I am now working with a tour operator and another charity to raise funds. I look forward to being further involved with ATN22"

Derek Moore - Founder of Derek Moore Foundation

We are excited to announce that we have now chosen to partner with the World Female Ranger Day, a global awareness day that celebrates and supports female wildlife rangers through awareness and fundraising. Through this new partnership ATN will help raise funds for female rangers and heighten awareness amongst the adventure travel community as to their current plight.

World Female Ranger Day (WFRD) is the first-ever awareness day that supports female anti-poaching rangers, founded by registered UK charity How Many Elephants (HME).

The spotlight is on female rangers working in Africa for this first year, however this is an initiative that will expand as it looks to support female rangers around the world.

“The tourism industry plays a huge part in supporting conservation. Many conservation organisations and National Parks authorities rely on tourism revenue and many local people rely on the jobs created from tourism. We can all contribute towards conservation efforts to safeguard the lives of wild animals and wild spaces.”

Holly Budge - Founder of the international NGO How Many Elephants and Co-Founder of World Female Ranger Day

Female rangers are bold, brave and resilient. They’re changing the game and paving the way for women to stand alongside men at the forefront of conservation. But they need allies. Therefore Adventure Travel Networking (ATN) has made the decision to advocate for female rangers so that they can continue their vital work to protect Africa’s wildlife and wild spaces.

World Female Ranger Day Challenge is a fundraising initiative where businesses engage in a walking challenge to raise support funds, covering a distance of their choice.

Adventure Travel Networking has created a team page to encourage other adventure travel businesses to join in and come together to help raise funds. We will be offering a platform to help engage the adventure travel community with more information on how to get involved, in the meantime you can find out more and make a donation here

Tourism should be a force for positive change and when we work together collectively to ‘give back’ and we contribute to the welfare of local communities and wildlife, ensuring that tourism benefits others, that is when we all gain.

Both our charity partners will be given the opportunity to present to the adventure travel community with an update on Project progress, fund raising activity and other news, at the ATN22 Conference taking place on Friday 4th February 2022 in Central London.

Image Credits

Brent Stirton

Julia Gunther

IIan Godfrey

International Anti Poaching Foundation

Derek Moore Foundation

The next Adventure Travel Networking Conference & Marketplace will take place on the 3rd & 4th February 2022 as a hybrid event.

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Pru Goudie, Founder


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