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ATN24 Conference Agenda & Tickets

ATN24 Conference Details

ATN24 CONFERENCE - Thursday 29 February 2024

  • Registration 09:15 to 10:00

  • Conference 10:00 to 17:15

  • An in-person full day of conferencing including coffee breaks and lunch

  • Includes an evening networking drinks reception 

  • Plenty of networking opportunities with travel trade members

  • Venue: held at Little Ship Club, a hidden gem of a venue overlooking the River Thames in central London

  • Moderators include: Jono Vernon-Powell, Holly Tuppen and Richard Hammond 

📌 Tickets are SOLD OUT - waiting list only, email for details

2024 Market Insights & Adventure Travel Trends

As business accelerates into the New Year we kick off our conference with our ATN24 Market Insights panel session. Our findings are based on a number of bellwether reports conducted, that help us to take the pulse of the industry and gain an understanding of how things are shaping up for adventure travel in 2024. 

Includes; Survey Presentation and discussion with Roy Barker, SPIKE Insight; Richard Skinner, Responsible Travel; Lyn Hughes, Wanderlust Media

Sustainability - Don't Mention The "S" Word

We've all heard the expression 'Green Washing' and on the back of the recently published 'Green Claims Code' there's a conversation to be had around how we are communicating our companies and products to consumers. Buckle up for what will be a robust and fascinating conversation around the 'do's & don'ts' of communication! 

Moderated by Richard Hammond, founder of Green Traveller; includes Thomas Power, Pura Aventura;

Claire Ingleby, mb LAW & Prof Xavier Font, Professor of Sustainability Marketing at University of Surrey

Maximising Sales Through Synergy Of AI, Instant Messaging & Calendar Integration 

We take an in-depth look at groundbreaking customer acquisition tactics that perfectly marry state-of-the-art AI technology with genuine human interaction, ensuring not only increased efficiency but also cost-effectiveness and revenue growth. Explore the capabilities of tools like WhatsApp and ChatGPT to cultivate warm, well-qualified leads. This workshop promises to be an enlightening experience, offering you substantial, practical guidance to enhance your business.

Presentation / Hosted Q&A by Richard ‘Remi’ Remington and Max Hardy, co-founders of SalesRook; Max Hardy continues to be a vanguard in the travel industry with over 16 years of pioneering experience. Known for their expertise in technology-driven sales, impactful communication, and advanced automation strategies, the SalesRook team has played a crucial role in the growth and innovation of over 300 tourism companies.

We Need To Talk About Carbon

This is a 'no-nonsense' discussion about decarbonisation of the sector. We discuss the insights and learnings from the first published annual sustainability report by Wilderness Group, and recent report back from Explore Worldwide, all of which will offer some valuable take-aways for the industry.

Moderated by Richard Hammond, founder of Green Traveller ; includes Paul Easto, Wilderness Group; Hannah Methven, Explore Worldwide

Holly Budge - Adventurer, Keynote Speaker & Storyteller 

Holly is the founder and chair of 'How Many Elephants', a non-profit organisation that supports African elephants and female rangers on the frontline globally. She is also the founder of World Female Ranger Week, and amplifies the voices and impact of female wildlife rangers, empowering other women and uplifting communities. ATN is a huge  supporter of Holly's charity work and we invite her to share an update on the amazing work she does.

Can Tourism Save Wildlife?

Nature and wildlife is ingrained into tourism product but often our enthusiasm can lead to unintentionally damaging our greatest asset. On the flip side, do we do enough to recognise and realise that when done well, tourism has an incredible power to save wildlife and contribute to bigger picture biodiversity goals? Let's hear from experts what we can all do to build on this mission?

Moderated by Holly Tuppen, Researcher, Writer & Sustainable Travel Expert; includes Elen Thomas, Tourism Western Australia; Kasia Morgan, Head of Group Sustainability for Travelopia

Navigating The Rapids: Effective Risk Management Strategies For Adventure Tourism

Steering a business through challenging times is a difficult job and as adventure travel leaders we often have even more dips and dives to navigate than others. Every adventure operator should conduct internal Scenario Planning Workshops each year so that they have something to work off the next time they hit a class VI rapid. Business disruptions come in many guises and to address this subject we invite Peter Syme to return to the ATN24 conference and present on geopolitical issues, distribution and technology risks. 

Peter Syme has been involved with the travel industry extensively since the 1980's and is now a consultant for the travel industry, focusing on Business Consulting and Technology for tour operators & DMCs. 

Presentation followed by a discussion between Peter Syme, Jono Vernon-Powell & Samantha Bradbury, ABTOT

Trends, Barriers And Opportunities For Adventure Travel Brands

A company’s brand is its most powerful asset. It is how your customers perceive you. But how can a company’s brand adapt over time to overcome changes in product, audience, competition, or the entire industry? Tom Dunn from Wild Dog Design looks at the barriers, trends and opportunities, and together with Ashley Toft, CEO at KE Adventures, present how they addressed the challenge.

Includes: Tom Dunn, Wild Dog Design & Ashley Toft, KE Adventures

Can tourism have a positive impact?

A recently released World Bank document reported "To generate $10,000 USD in the local economy it takes 4 adventure travellers, 9 overnight package tourists, and 108 cruise tourists." One of the key justifications to travel in the time of a climate crisis is the benefit it brings local communities. But does all tourism benefit communities? Can we talk about Positive Impact travel at all? And if so, what does it looks like? 

Moderated by: Holly Tuppen, Researcher, Writer & Sustainable Travel Expert; Alex Narracott, Much Better Adventures & Meera Dattani, freelance travel and culture journalist for over 20 years and senior editor at 

Travel M&A Landscape: Who’s Buying, Who’s Selling?

  • Which sectors are hot?

  • Trends

  • Challenges & Opportunities

Presentation by Deborah Potts; Deborah directs and leads Summit Advisory’s business sale, acquisition and growth projects and knows first-hand how to grow and value travel businesses. This presentation will give us an overview of the M&A landscape from someone with a proven track record of successful dealmaking across all industry sectors from business to leisure, retail to tour operating, inbound to outbound.

NB - please note speakers and panel sessions may be subject to change 

Moderator: Jono Vernon-Powell - Nomadic Thoughts

We are delighted to welcome back Jono as our overall Moderator for ATN24. Jono is the founder/owner of Nomadic Thoughts, an award winning UK tour operator.


Additional Moderators: 

Holly Tuppen - Freelance writer and responsible travel expert 

Richard Hammond - Writer and videographer who runs 

TICKET SALES - sold out 

 Trade Media Partner
Image Credit: Visit Finland | Photographer Thomas Kast
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