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Climate Action Plan


Adventure & Experiential Travel With A Positive Impact

When we founded Adventure Travel Networking (ATN) it was important to us that we used the voice and platform we had created for the greater good of travel. ATN is not on this journey alone and we’re invested in collaborations with

likeminded organisations and businesses that are also taking urgent climate action. 

1. Measure

The Office

  • ATN does not have an office, we work from home 

  • ATN uses low energy lighting/heating devices

Company Owned Vehicles

  • ATN does not have a company vehicle

  • ATN uses local transport to attend meetings in the UK

 Staff Business Travel

  • ATN employees travel economy class to any overseas conferences attended 

  • ATN only attend overseas conferences that benefit our purpose to serve our community, rather than the ATN ego



  • ATN does not provide meaningless 'swag' at events

  • ATN work with Water-To-Go and gift our delegates with a refillable, reusable and recyclable ATN branded new sugarcane water filtration bottle at events

Paper-free business

  • ATN work in a complete paper free office, all promotional sales materials are created digitally

  • ATN use a digital app for our events

  • ATN provide eco-badges at our event

  • ATN have a 'return on departure' policy for our lanyards at each event



  • ATN operates only one website, hosted by 

2. Decarbonise


  • The flagship ATN Conference & Marketplace event held each February is a hybrid event. ATN have chosen to keep their global supplier/buyer marketplace as an ‘virtual’ event, as this reduces carbon footprint and ensures the event is inclusive and affordable

  • The ATN supplier/buyer platform allows the participants to share information and documentation via the system, decreasing the need for any printed material

  • The ATN Conference is held in Central London and deliberately held one week prior to a long-standing European trade fair, enabling overseas travellers to combine their business travel to include the two events

  • The food at ATN events is locally sourced where possible and delegate numbers are catered to carefully to eliminate any food waste

  • Our in-person ATN Media Meetup events are held in central London to enable people to attend by train with the focus of the evening being ‘adventure & experiential travel with a positive impact’. Food is locally sourced and reflective of the environment we are hosting our events in

  • ATN encourages delegates to use public transport when attending all Central London in-person events, particularly when travelling regional distances and where overnight trains are available

3. Regenerate

ATN is a voice that advocates global positive impact travel 

  • ATN dedicates panel sessions at all events to discuss positive impact travel and climate emergency issues

  • ATN gathers speakers and panellists, key travel media, industry leaders and professors working within the travel space who can share their experiences and knowledge in promoting positive impact travel

  • ATN connects UK Tour Operators and overseas local agents (DMCs) all of whom are promoting positive impact travel and community tourism

  • ATN works closely with media who are story tellers and dedicated to promoting adventure and experiential travel and community tourism, benefiting local communities

4. Collaborate 

ATN a powerful stage

  • Raise awareness through events and communication 

  • Signing up to the Glasgow Declaration 

  • Including conversations about climate change in each event ATN organises

  • ATN is active in promoting and publishing relevant reports from our Tour Operators partners who are leading the way, such as the HotelPlan Planet and People report released this year, following their Climate and Biodiversity papers published early in 2023

  • We engage the services of a respected journalist, JoAnna Haugen and founder of Rooted to provide stimulating blogs for the ATN community, addressing climate action and positive impact travel

  • We have invited B Corp and other relevant professors to speak at our ATN conference 

  • ATN supports two charities - The Derek Moore Foundation and How Many Elephants (World Female Ranger Week) by donating funds and offering a direct platform to the ATN audience, giving the charities the opportunity to educate and work closer with the trade 

  • Supporting climate action plans, such as Tourism Declares, Tour Operators declarations and Business Partners of AITO Climate-Crisis Think-Tank (ACT)

  • ATN advisor - with a deep professional interest in sustainability and risk management John Telfer acts as an advisor to ATN as well as lecturing at the Surrey University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

  • ATN Business Partner - working with several business partners such as Just Tourism, a sustainable tourism consultancy

5. Finance 


  • ATN commit to providing the necessary resources required to fulfil and implement the actions and goals needed in the declaration. The plan will be reviewed and updated annually. 

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