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Water-to-Go Launches New Water Filter Bottle Made Of Sugar Cane, Making Travel Greener!

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

By Pru Goudie

Everyone deserves safe clean water, anywhere, free of single-use plastic that pollutes our environment and Water-To-Go have launched a new UK made water filter bottle that is made of sugar cane. This new plastic bottle is durable, machine washable, BPA-free, reusable, and recyclable, but is made from plants, not petroleum. A more earth-friendly option for anyone who needs clean water but is concerned about the impact of plastic on the environment.

The filter transforms dirty water into clean water, removing heavy metals (e.g, lead, arsenic), viruses, bacteria, chemicals and microplastics.

Water-to-Go has been working closely with the travel industry for over twelve years, helping to reduce the impact of single use plastic water bottles. One 200 litre filter replaces 400 single-use plastic bottles and over the last decade Water-to-Go filters have replaced an estimated 165 million plastic bottles that would otherwise be filling up landfills, polluting our beaches and floating in the ocean.

"I am proud that the technology in our filters has supported partners in the travel industry to vastly reduce the number of single use plastic bottles being used, and mitigating against the pollution they cause"
"New developments in bio-plastics are now allowing us to make all our products even more sustainable and eco-friendly, and support our partners in their goals of delivering responsible and sustainable travel"

Comments from Water-to-Go founder, Dave Shanks

Image; New bottle design made from sugar cane

Travel companies who work with Water-to-Go get the benefit of having their own branded bottles with their company logo and messaging displayed, whilst giving their clients a new and easy way to travel greener.

Benefits for the travel trade

● Company branding on each bottle

● Offering a worldwide distribution service

● Making travel greener

● Reducing single use plastic

● Delivering responsible and sustainable travel

The ‘Sugar Cane’ Process

Sugar cane crops are grown to make sugar. As the crop grows, it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. The waste fibrous material (bagasse) left after sugar extraction is fermented to release pure green ethanol. After two more processes, where the bagasse is used as a green bio-fuel, a green, recyclable, sustainable plant base plastic is created. One tonne of this new raw material is carbon neutral. New plant base plastics have all the benefits of standard plastics; light weight, strong and durable without the impact on the detrimental environment of fossil fuel oil-based equivalents. The residue from the bagasse bio fuel is collected, added to water and used as a fertiliser for future crops.

For more information on how you can work with Water-to-Go contact

Dave Shanks - Director


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