3rd & 4th February 2022 - HYBRID EVENT

Adventure Travel Networking is a platform for the adventure travel trade to meet and forge valuable business partnerships with like-minded companies around the world, and to strengthen the adventure travel industry for the better.

In 2022 the ATN Conference & Marketplace will take place on 3rd & 4th February 2022. This will run as a hybrid event, with a VIRTUAL supplier/buyer  marketplace on Thursday 3rd February with pre-scheduled meetings followed by a LIVE conference on Friday 4th February with a virtual component running along side.

Over 200 travel trade registered to join the event this year.

The UK adventure travel trade are invested in this event, they look forward to it and bring the passion, participation and energy that makes this event not only valuable, but the place to meet and be heard! 

Why attend the ATN22?


The Adventure Travel Networking (ATN) Conference and Marketplace will take place on Thursday 3rd February & Friday 4th February 2022. It provides the perfect platform for the trade to get together to do business and debate the most pressing issues affecting the adventure travel sector.

Adventure travel has lead the way for some time now, being one of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry. Adventure travellers are driven by passion and they will be the market to get out there quicker than the mass traveller so we can expect to see an uplift in adventure travel as a result of the pandemic.  


This unique event brings together over 200 trade, a combination of UK adventure tour operators, overseas suppliers, DMCs, destinations, emerging markets, unique accommodation providers, influential industry speakers and relevant media.


With a buoyant B2B supplier/buyer marketplace and a topical conference agenda where we work together to get to grips with the challenges our industry faces as we move into 2022. This is the first event of its kind kicking off 2022 and one that you won’t want to miss.

Adventure Travel Networking is owned and organised by Pru Goudie with 28+ years experience in the industry. For more information on Pru visit

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Conference & Programme

Book your place at ATN in February 2022 and have your voice heard. We will line up a jam-packed agenda with relevant topics that focus on your business and how we move forward and find the opportunities for 2022

Supplier/Buyer Marketplace

Do you have a product that the UK are missing out on? Be sure to book yourself a seat at our marketplace table so you can meet virtually with key buyers from UK adventure tour operators who are always on the look out for unique product. 

How you can get involved

The adventure travel industry is renowned for its willingness to share information. There are four ways to get involved giving you the opportunity to connect with new and old friends who share your concerns and will help you develop and grow your business!

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