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Register now for the
2024 Marketplace! 

Supplier/Buyer Marketplace Day - Tuesday 27 February 2024

The Marketplace is virtual with online meetings


1. It's more inclusive and affordable for the trade to participate

2. We bring together a global audience whilst keeping our carbon footprint down 

3. It's one afternoon of meetings, time efficient and accessible to all


The Marketplace day will be on Tuesday 27 February with pre-scheduled meetings of 20-minutes allowing enough time for up to 12 meetings between suppliers/buyers. 

Information on the Marketplace & Meetings
  • The marketplace is virtual and the platform we use is called Eventtia

  • The marketplace will operate between approx. 11:30 to 17:30 GMT on Tuesday 27 February allowing for multiple meetings between buyers and suppliers

  • Meetings are 20-minutes with a 5-minute break in between each meeting allowing time for notes

  • There will be two coffee breaks scheduled throughout the afternoon allowing time for refreshments 

  • Meeting are pre-scheduled between suppliers/buyers

  • Both buyers and suppliers will create their own profiles via the virtual platform and meetings can be requested prior to the Marketplace opening

  • Exhibitors will create their own company profile on the platform including

- Company name, logo & website
- Description of your company 
- What adventure activities you offer 
- Any new products for 2024
- Type of buyers you are looking to meet with

  • Buyers will create their own company profile on the platform including

​- Company name, logo & website
- Description of their company and what they offer
- Type of adventure activity they are looking to buy

  • The marketplace will open for appointment scheduling approx. 10-days before the day of the marketplace (Thursday 15th February 2024)

  • Exhibitors and buyers can communicate through the platform and start a ‘chat’ with each other and request appointments accordingly

  • Both exhibitors and buyers can request meetings; the meetings can be accepted or rejected by both exhibitors and buyers, with the opportunity to communicate

  • The appointment system will remain open up until the day the Marketplace takes place

  • Meetings will start at 12:00 GMT on Tuesday 27 February 2024 and run through until approx. 17:30 GMT

  • There will be two 20-min refreshment breaks throughout the course of the afternoon

  • There will be time for approximately 12 meetings throughout the marketplace

Marketplace Exhibitors - Tuesday 27 February 2024

If you are a DMC, Tourist Board, unique accommodation provider or offer experiential & adventure travel experiences then you can apply to attend as an exhibitor in the marketplace. This is your opportunity to have multiple meetings with UK Tour Operators all specialising in adventure and experiential travel. There is the option to just attend the Marketplace Meetings only, if you are not able to attend the in-person Conference on Thursday.

All exhibitors need to apply to attend and will be qualified before accepted.  

The Marketplace is now Sold Out - waiting list only, email for details

Marketplace Buyers - Tuesday 27 February 2024

Buyers participating in the marketplace with pre-scheduled appointments attend free. All buyers will need to register in advance for qualification before being accepted.


All buyers will need to commit to a minimum of eight meetings and multiple buyers from companies can apply. This is the ideal chance for Product, Operations, Marketing and Sustainability teams to visit the Marketplace.  

Buyers that commit to a full schedule of meetings will be eligible to attend the conference, which takes place in Central London. Please indicate on the registration form what your preference is at the time of registering.


NB; places to attend the conference 'in-person' are limited and companies might be limited to one person to attend !


Conference & Ticket Sales - Thursday 29 February 2024

The conference is taking place as a live in-person event at the Little Ship Club overlooking the River Thames in central London. Due to the snug venue tickets are limited, but available for delegates at £220 (incl. VAT).



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