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ATN Launches First Media Meetup Event In September, Dedicated To Adventure & Sustainable Travel

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

By Pru Goudie

Adventure Travel Networking (ATN) has launched an exclusive 'ATN Media Meetup" networking event specifically for the adventure travel sector bringing together UK tour operators, media and tourist boards all focusing on ‘adventure, experiential & sustainable travel’.

DATE: Wednesday 14th September 2022

VENUE: South Africa House, Trafalgar Square, Central London

TIME: 17:30 to 20:00

The inaugural ATN Media Meetup event will commence in the beautiful Library Room in South Africa House at 17.30 with a topical 30-minute debate lead by Jono Vernon-Powell, the ATN Moderator, giving an overview of the adventure travel sector and its current state of play and how the world is opening up. The panel debate will include insights from the five ATN Media Meetup destination partners.

This will be followed by the networking reception where a spread of delicious South African inspired canapés and wine will be served.

As this sector begins to accelerate post-pandemic, there has never been a more important time to ensure we are communicating clearly and concisely to media. By making this event small and intimate, it will allow tour operators and tourist boards the chance to network informally with trusted journalists, and the chance to share the very latest news, stories and product offerings.

The evening will be targeted and niche and include a small number of UK based adventure travel tour operators and some key commissioning Editors, trade reporters & freelance journalists from newspapers, magazines & online media, with a focus on adventure and experiential travel with purpose.

"No one is currently offering this type of targeted media event for the UK adventure travel community and I'm thrilled that the timing is perfect right now for us to do this.
Given this was only launched last week it's clear an event such as this is both wanted and needed by the trade & media right now, as demonstrated by the immediate uptake we've recieved" says Pru Goudie, ATN founder.

Journalists attending will be a mixture of Editors and freelance, publications include;

TTG, Travel Weekly, Prima, Daily Mail, Lonely Planet, The Guardian, The Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Wanderlust, Telegraph, Independent, loveExploring,, in-flight magazines, Reach, JRNY, Nat Geo, AWE365, GirlAbout Travel Club,, Charity Travel Magazine, City AM, The Girl Outdoors, Escapism, Sunday Independent (Ireland), Reach plc (Mirror, Star, Express) ... continuing

"I have a few last remaining places to welcome more journalists", says Goudie.

Space is extremely limited for Tour Operators to attend now, but we currently have room for 4 more UK adventure tour operators to apply to participate. If you would like the chance to network with valuable media that specialise in 'adventure, experiential & sustainable travel' then please get in touch today for details.

Some Tour Operators signed up to attend include Macs Adventure, Exodus Travels, Wild Frontiers, The Bucket List Company, The Wilderness Group, HF Holidays, Trans Bhutan Trail, Explore Worldwide, Discover The World, S-Capes/SloWays, Intrepid Travel, Large Minority, Themba Travel to name a few.

A huge thanks go to our ATN Media Meetup host destination South African Tourism for welcoming us back to South Africa House once again this year, where we all get to enjoy this historic and beautiful building in a centrally located spot in the heart of London.

Our thanks also extend to Costa Rica Tourism Board and Western Australia for supporting our first Media Meetup event. We hope to announce our last two remaining destinations this week, taking us right around the globe, so stand by for that imminent announcement - it will certainly make the debate lively and interesting!

Lastly, this event is not all about ATN - we can do better than that!

Supporting Our Local Community Projects

Part of the proceeds from the evening will be donated to our two chosen ATN charities: The Derek Moore Foundation and World Female Ranger Week, an initiative spearheaded by international NGO, How Many Elephants (HME). Both are actively doing fantastic work and they are ready to engage with the trade so that you can learn more about what they do and how the industry can get involved.

We have invited both our partner charities to join us on the night and with some of the proceeds of this event we will be making a donation towards the good work that they do. You will get the opportunity to meet them and gain a better understanding of how they are supporting local communities, nature and wildlife.

There is still time to apply to attend this event so contact Pru for details


SPECIAL thanks to our ATN Media Meetup Destination Partners


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