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What Does A High-Value Adventure Traveller Look Like, And Are You Appealing To Them?

By Samantha Hardcastle

What does a high-value adventure traveller look like for you? Perhaps it’s someone open-minded & conscious, someone who shares your values, someone with reasonable expectations, and most importantly, someone that can afford the activity or journey you would most enjoy offering.

Who wouldn’t love a traveller like that? Well, today we’re going to explore ways you can appeal to this high-value adventure traveller in the coming year.

The profile of the luxury consumer fits in nicely with the adventure traveler because according to Deloitte, 75% of luxury consumers fall on the left side of the values compass. They are more likely to seek challenging situations, seize opportunities, and desire to get ahead. They are also more likely to value curiosity, creativity, and be motivated by experiences that encourage imagination & developing new ideas.

It's important to note that this luxury consumer is less likely to fall in the lower left quadrant of ‘learning new things’ because of their value of the unknown. So while yes, the luxury consumer does enjoy learning, the emphasis here is on trying. This means it’s important to infuse your experience with more hands-on, interactive moments that get them into a state of flow.

I want you to think about your favourite story, whether it’s a book, movie, or what have you. Now I want you to REMOVE the challenges and obstacles from that story. Not very exciting anymore, is it? So start thinking of your activity or journey like a story, and consider what sort of obstacles and challenges might serve your travellers in impactful ways.

We want to challenge travellers, but it can’t be so much that we put them into a state of worry or anxiety. Throwing people into a challenging experience without the skills and know-how can be a recipe for disaster. But without challenge, our travellers are often faced with boredom and apathy. So, for the optimum state of immersion, we need to be mindful of the challenges we present to travellers.

With luxury consumers falling more on the “me” as opposed to “we” side of the values axis, you might be wondering: are these travellers a good fit for the sustainability of our destination? Will they have a positive impact on our culture? And it’s a fair, good question.

No matter which side of the spectrum they fall, all human beings have a concern for belonging, it’s deeply embedded into our DNA for survival. We also all have ambitions, and a desire to make impact for the same reason. So, with the right education and awareness, these consumers can channel their ambition towards collectively beneficial goals.

But as with all things, sustainability and positive impact are things we learn from our experiences. So just like any consumer, the luxury consumer will need to be informed and led towards ideal actions while travelling. What behaviours can you model that teach travellers about the cultural tendencies? What stories can you tell that epitomise the values of your destination?

By infusing your activities and journeys with the right kind of challenges and opportunities, you’ll be creating experiences that are an easy sell for the high-value traveller. Emphasise these key aspects of your experiences in your marketing, making it clear to potential travellers that their trip will serve some purpose other than just entertainment or connection. A little challenge is the best way to create a high-impact adventure for your travellers!


About The Author

Samantha Hardcastle (Founder of The Storied Experience and Reverie) is rewriting the rules of exploration, discovery, and connection.

Over the last 13 years she has worked with a variety of experience designers, tour operators, and activity hosts to help them differentiate and stand out in a competitive market.

Her sharp understanding of travelers’ deeper desires has served her clients in big ways over the years.

She specializes in conceptualising experiences, activities, retreats, and journeys that are truly one-of-a-kind.


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