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Over 100,000 responses to travel related surveys - here are some of the stand out points!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

A snapshot of fresh data, hot of the press!

Are you ready for the beginning of 'Revenge travel'? Make sure your company is prepared; what age group is most likely to travel first, who's financially resilient, who's wanting to get out and travel first and more likely to spend more?

1. Customer Loyalty is high - 70%

Trust and customer loyalty leads the way for the return of travel! When travellers return they will travel with companies they trust and companies that can mitigate the risk that they're perceiving in the market.

2. How likely are customers to book again? 91%

91% of customers are likely to book again with the company that sent out the survey. They've had a good experience in the past and they recognise that these companies are ideally placed to take them away in the future!

3. The Vanguard Group - 89%

Learn about the vanguard group, those who will be the first to travel! Hear about their attitude to travel, financial resilience and the pent up demand that exists amongst this group of adventure travellers.

4. How much are they willing to spend? 94%

Will the Adventure traveller be spending more, less or the same on their adventures when they can travel again? 94% say they will be spending the same or more.

5. What are the barriers?

Learn what customers said about the 'big three' barriers; Being vaccinated, Low Infections rates and Covid valid insurance. Get these three things in place and we could see the opening of the floodgates.

Hear the full conversation between our Moderator Jono-Vernon Powell and Roy Barker from SPIKE Marketing here - (12 minutes)

Special thanks to SPIKE Marketing and AITO for sharing this data with us at the Adventure Travel Networking Conference & Marketplace, 4&5 February 2020

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