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▶️ ATN NewsBlast - Rebuilding Adventure Travel in a Covid-19 world

Updated: May 20, 2021

We are delighted to share our first NewsBlast this week! 

Our Adventure Travel Networking Conference moderator and founder of Nomadic Thoughts, Jono Vernon-Powell, caught up with Pippa Jacks, editor of our trade media sponsor TTG, John Telfer, deputy MD of Explore! and Claudia Rier from the South Tyrol tourism board. 

This video takes a look at what hit the headlines this week and sheds a light on how the travel industry is positive in bouncing back and what steps are being taken in running adventure travel trips in a current Covid-19 world. You can also gain insight on how South Tyrol is opening up to tourists after being severely impacted by the virus earlier in the year, and on how the trade can support the #SaveTravel campaign launched by TTG.

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