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New York, New York! There's more to this state than just the Big Apple.

by Pru Goudie

As founder of Adventure Travel Networking I get to spend a lot of time speaking with various destinations and industry colleagues who promote adventure and experiential travel all around the globe.

As you might imagine this is a terrific way to spend my days, except that under recent circumstances this has been a double edge sword; at worst it makes me feel incredibly frustrated that we are still unable to travel from the UK to many Govt. red listed countries and at best I never stop learning about how much beauty and adventure our amazing planet has to offer.

Mention New York State to Joe Public and it will most likely conjure up the obvious images of New York City; yellow cabs, the Empire State, catching a Broadway show, a Macy's shopping extravaganza and a ferry cruise to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

As the long-awaited travel corridor between the US and UK finally approaches this is the ideal moment for the trade to consider how they can ride the wave of opportunity and expand their portfolio giving customers new experiences in new destinations.

Today I am shining the spotlight on New York State.

What if you were to tell your customers there’s a lot more to New York State than the Big Apple and that a mix of outdoor adventure activity was accessible just within hours of leaving the city?

This surprising state offers a mixture of stunning nature, wine tasting, salmon fishing, winter sport activity, horse riding, walking, hiking, cycling, glamping, waterfalls and white water rafting. This could be a tidy itinerary for the adventurer seeking a safe and clean break away, outdoors in nature, just a 7-hour flight away and the chance to catch a Broadway show before they leave!

And what about the safety and quality of environment that you are recommending to your clients? New York State demonstrates clear respect for the UN Paris Climate change agreement. They have a department of conservation that has invested in 130,000 acres turned into wildlife management areas. They have introduced the most ambitious climate change policy in the Nation supporting solar energy. New York State has banned fracking and invested 3.5 billion USD into clean air infrastructure. It’s these types of activities that represent their leadership and what New York State stands for.

We spoke to Markly Wilson, Director of International Marketing for New York State Tourism to learn more about what this great state (approximately the size of England) is offering the adventure traveller and how they would like to work with the UK trade!

Take 15-minutes out of your busy schedule to have a listen! ⬇️

Image Credits: All images provided by New York State Tourism


📢 New York State Tourism is a Destination Partner of ATN and will be participating at the ATN22 Conference & Marketplace event taking place 3rd & 4th February 2022.

If you can't wait until then you can contact Rob Wilson to to find out more:

Rob Wilson | Four Communications


Pru Goudie, Founder

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