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You can now watch all sessions from our 2021 Conference Programme: 


'Adventure Travel Networking #Reset'


All panel discussion from the conference are available to watch on-demand; see below:


With over 100,000 responses to travel related surveys, make sure your company is prepared; what age group is most likely to travel first, who's financially resilient, who's wanting to get out and travel first and more likely to spend more? Here's our the full conversation between our Moderator Jono-Vernon Powell and Roy Barker from SPIKE Marketing offering a snapshot of fresh data, hot of the press! 

In Conversation: Jono Vernon-Powell - Nomadic Thoughts and Roy Barker - SPIKE Marketing




We start with highlights from a recent survey that offer insights into how the British adventure traveller intends to holiday in 2021. After a tumultuous 2020 that has brought travel to its knees we engage the expertise of Milena Nikolova, a leading expert in behavioural economics for tourism and sustainability to discuss her interpretation of these findings. Milena explores new traveller behaviour patterns in a COVID world, how behaviour has changed and the knock-on this will have to your business. What changes will you need to adapt as a business to welcome the new adventure traveller?

Includes: Expert and Academic Milena Nikolova - Behavior Smart; Roy Barker - SPIKE Marketing; 

Zina Bencheikh - Intrepid Travel; Ashley Toft - KE Adventure Travel and Mickledore Travel



Looking deeper into a COVID world we drill down further and discuss what logistical restrictions might be in place for travellers in 2021/22. We debate the impact these barriers will have on the operation of our businesses, using risk management tools to leverage consumer confidence and how we can best navigate our way through the maze of compliance. 

Includes: Paul Charles - The PC Agency; Julie Jones - ABTOT; Lloyd Figgins - Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group





A lively panel discussion where we speak with the founders of both ‘Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency’ and ‘ANIMONDIAL’. Both organisations work closely with global tour operators to prevent making this climate emergency a climate disaster, and to promote a fairer and more resilient society that is kinder to animals, thus mitigating the next pandemic. We invite Explore to share how they have worked with both these organisations to implement their own responsible tourism policies and why this is one of the driving principles at the heart of Explore. Chris Haslam, chief travel writer at the Sunday Times, has a special interest in conservation and will join the panel to share his views. 

Includes: Alex Narracott - Much Better Adventures; Daniel Turner – ANIMONDIAL; Prue Stone - Explore

Chris Haslam - Chief travel writer at the Sunday Times




Tourist Boards are set to play a pivotal role in the recovery of tourism during 2021/22 and this panel session is dedicated to engaging with some participating destinations as we discuss how they welcome the adventure traveller back to their countries. How do they attract travellers back safely, what are they offering the adventure traveller and how do they get their messaging across in a clear and succinct manner?

Participating Destinations Include:

  • Juliana Trail, Slovenia; Katja Cuder, Marketing Manager

  • New York State; Markly Wilson, Director of International Marketing

  • Malta Tourist Office; Natalie Swinburne, Trade Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland

  • Saudi Tourism Authority; Samuel Hancock, UK & Ireland Country Manager

  • Montserrat Tourism Division; Warren Solomon, Director of Tourism





We welcome Visit Rwanda our headline partner and take this opportunity to look in depth at this beautiful country whilst covering the political & social background and the vital role that tourism plays in the development of Rwanda today. In this panel session we look at Rwanda Today, Rwandan Adventure 
and Tourism & Conservation. We speak directly with Ariella Kageruka, Head of Tourism and Conservation Department at the Rwanda Development Board. We discuss the conservation effort in the Nyungwe National Park and Akagera National Park and how tourism and conservation can work hand in hand. We continue our conversation with Steve Venton, the founder of Kingfisher Journeys, a DMC based in Rwanda to discuss the opportunities of working in Rwanda. 

Includes: Ariella Kageruka - Rwanda Development Board; Steve Venton - Kingfisher Journeys




It's true to say that regardless of the size of your business BC (before COVID) all travel businesses are starting 2021 as far smaller companies. Battered, bruised and cash strapped we need to find new innovative ways to trade through 2021 and marketing is key to our success. This session looks at how we can get going again on a shoestring budget, and become more creative in our approach to attracting new customers.

Includes: Steve Rushton - Travel Marketing Systems; Tom Dunn - Wild Dog Design



ADVENTURE #onwards 

We welcome Gustavo Timo from the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) who will provide a snapshot of the protocols they have put in place after the effects of the pandemic on businesses globally. He will offer valuable insights into how adventure travel businesses can expect to operate in 2021 and beyond, with practical steps to help companies cope with these impacts and how to mitigate future disruption. We bring a selection of adventure tour operators and DMCs to participate in this panel session and to discuss final thoughts of what will have been a jam-packed, comprehensive and thought-provoking Adventure Travel Networking conference.

Includes: Gustavo Timo - Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA); Fiona Marshall – Macs Adventures; 

Rob Fielding - Discover Adventure; Tullia Caballero - S-cape Travel and SloWays, co-Founder & Director, Derek Moore - The Derek Moore Foundation; Hugh King - battleface

Special thanks to our Moderator: Jono Vernon-Powell - Nomadic Thoughts

Jono is founder/owner of Nomadic Thoughts, an award winning UK tour operator. He sits on AITO Council, the Industry Issues Committee and Chair of the Climate Crisis Think Tank. He is a leading travel industry blogger, speaker, travel photographer and experienced conference moderator.

Who should attend future events?

Adventure Travel Networking events attract a number of overseas DMCs, tour operators, unique accommodation providers, tourist boards, marketing & PR agencies, travel agents, service providers as well as a handful of media relevant to the adventure sector. Owners, product and operation directors, various senior management and decision makers will also attend.


Virtual event - 4 & 5 February 2021


What the trade say

"The Brighter Group has worked together with Pru for many years and she has always impressed us with her imaginative and creative energy. She’s a true professional who gets things done and great fun
to work with."

Debbie Flynn

Finn Partners, Managing Partner

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